What to wear for your fall session

1. Consider the Location.

Your location actually matters a lot as you choose your outfits. Consider the vibe you are going for first as you select your outfits.

2. Start with mom’s outfit.

It can be hard to know where to begin, but think of it as building blocks. Start with one outfit and then you can build upon that. My recommendation is to start with mom.

My best advice is for you to wear a dress in your favorite color. Not only are dresses flattering, but you will feel good in it. If you hate dresses, think about a skirt/top combo, but choose something that is slightly dresser than your everyday look. Opt for high quality fabrics (not t-shirt material) because they hang better.

3. Choose a color palette.

After you’ve chosen mom’s outfit, think about 2-3 coordinating colors, some neutral and one of which pops and brings life to the outfits.

Also, the color palette you choose will affect your appearance and the overall look of your photo. Warmer colors like peach, cream, brown, will give your photos a soft glowing look, while bold and vivid colors will produce a brighter and sharper appearance.

4. Think muted colors.

Avoid overly saturated and bold colors, as they distract in the photo. Look for MUTED versions of the same color. For example, if you have a bright hot pink shirt, try a muted dusty rose instead.

5. Coordinate, don’t match.

Gone are the days when everyone wears matching white polos and khakis for family photos on the beach. Choose colors that complement each other but are not overly matchy-matchy. For example, avoid wearing the same color top as your spouse or putting your girls in the same matching dresses.

After mom’s outfit is chosen, begin to find 2-3 coordinating colors that complement.

6. Add variety with subtle patterns.

To add depth and interest to your photos, create dimension by having primarily solids with a few coordinating subtle patterns and textures. Patterns are great in small doses and add a lot of your photo. Avoid bold, large prints that can distract from the photo though. You want your family photos to be about you and not merely your outfits.

Layers are another way to add variety with cardigans, shawls, scarves, etc.