Newborn FAQ

FAQ and Preparing for the shoot

“When should I schedule my newborn session?”

To insure the sleepy, curly newborn poses, I advise scheduling the sessions 0-8 months of pregnancy and we can set up an “on call session” where you can let me know when the baby has arrived. Please schedule as soon as possible so we can prepare.( I book up fast but please inquire, if baby is already born we can schedule the session ASAP or get another session on the books)

“How long will my newborn photography session take?”

Newborn photography sessions take on average around 2 hours, depending on the baby, may take up to 3-4 hours. Multiple newborns may take even longer.

“How do I prepare for my newborn photography session?”

Newborn photography requires a good amount of planning and an insane amount of patience. My goal is to recreate a womb-like environment for your newborn. BUT just like babies and kids in general not a single one is alike they are all different and I will adapt to how they are acting and feeling on the day of the shoot.

“Do you bring props to the session”

I bring everything needed for the session. From baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, wraps and throws, even FLOORING!


I prefer to go on location to the client’s house for newborn sessions(as long as there is enough light think LARGE windows). This way, everyone is comfortable and all the baby’s necessities are easily accessible. Newborns are also surrounded by the familiar sounds and scents of home. To prepare your home for a newborn session, I suggest you do the following things:

1) Open all of the blinds in the house. When I arrive, I will walk through the house looking for the best source of natural light to do the session. I will need a space about 6ft x 6ft to set up everything.

2) About an hour and a half before your session, gently wake baby and try to keep them awake until right before I get there… try a bath or talking to baby, a bright room. then right before I get there feed baby. Sleep is best for newborn sessions.

3) Please keep young children and other distractions that could cause startling loud noises out of earshot. I want to create a quiet atmosphere to keep your baby calm and asleep. I will bring a noise machine, but if you have something that works to create a soft lull for baby please let me know.

4) Pacifiers can be a life saver in newborn sessions please have one ready even if baby doesn’t normally take one. Sometimes being moved can wake them and all they want is that soothing feeling.

5) I love capturing sweet moments with Mom, Dad, and other siblings. BUT, my main focus is the newborn. This is another great reason to book early so we can plan pictures of older siblings or mom and dad.

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