Day of newborn shoot tips


I prefer to go on location to the client’s house for newborn sessions(as long as there is enough light think LARGE windows). This way, everyone is comfortable and all the baby’s necessities are easily accessible. Newborns are also surrounded by the familiar sounds and scents of home. To prepare your home for a newborn session, I suggest you do the following things:

HOUSE PREP: Open all of the blinds in the house. When I arrive, I will walk through the house looking for the best source of natural light to do the session. I will bring a portable backdrop stand, baskets blankets and hats/headbands. I will also need adequate space(6ft x 6ft) to set up everything.

PREPPING BABY: We want baby to be sleepy when I arrive so depending on sleep that day try and keep baby awake 1-1.5 hours. A good idea as well is a bath (during the wake time) it usually wakes baby up… And completely unwrap and undress baby down to diaper. Try and start feeding at around thirty minutes before I get there or if slow eater start before . 

So recap

1. Keep baby awake for 1-1.5 hours before 

2. Undress baby 

3. Bath if possible(clean hair at least)

4. Feed 30 mins before I arrive


ALSO…Pacifiers can be a life saver in newborn sessions please have one ready even if baby doesn’t normally take one. Sometimes being moved can wake them and all they want is that soothing feeling. If baby takes a bottle having one ready would be great as well.


 Keep outfits choices simple… I Love neutrals, and classic apparel. Try and stay away from brand names or wording on shirts. If you need more help let me know I’m always up for giving some wardrobe advice.

I will most likely start the session with family poses as Its usually requested by parents so then can relax or older siblings can go chill out while I take the solo newborn photos(let me know if you would like to take them after)

With older siblings, make sure they have eaten well and are ready to have a little fun, If teething please make sure they have proper pain meds/management if needed. 

Most of all please know I want my parents to relax I will take care of everything and hope that you have a great newborn session with me. My first priority is safety and comfort of baby and will put that over all.

Cant wait to see you at the shoot.