Tips for picking your wedding album images

Tips for picking your album photos:


Get a glass of wine turn on your fav tunes from your big day and grab a snack. So, basically set the mood. This is exciting you are picking your images for that forever piece that you get to show off for the rest of your life!

2. Tell the story

I love designing albums and my biggest goal is to tell the story of the day. I will place the images chronologically, including key moments of the day. So if you can add images that will help the story this way including all those small details, that will be really helpful!

3. Break it down into sections

You want your album to have a nice balance of images, so try and choose images from across different parts of your day. Easy way to do this is keeping the number of photos from each event around the same.

4. Try to keep it UNDER..

The more images you choose the smaller each image gets so try and keep the number between 100-150 images. This might be your biggest challenge but you can do it!!

5. Include your must haves…. Not your should have.

Choose images that YOU love, go with your gut feeling when looking at the images. Don’t include images that others think you should or that you think others will expect to be in the album. This is your memory, of your day and it should be exactly what you want!

6. Color OR black & white?

Some images are included in B&W but when designing the album I can change any to black and white and I might change some so that it is more aesthetically pleasing for that certain page. But I would love to know if you prefer an images in color or B&W!

7. Don’t forget parent albums!

Parents love the mini album to remember your day! They can even contact me to order. So, just send them my way if you would rather not be involved!

8. Last but not least… don’t leave your walls blank..

I offer archival quality prints(that means they last a REALLY long time) most guaranteed up to 100 years! So order right from your gallery or contact me and I will help you pick the perfect piece for your space!

Have lots of fun!