Pease Family Navy Homecoming, San Diego CA, USS Roosevelt

So many emotions came over me in this one Event! My biggest was my overwhelming GRATITUDE(that was there before but is even bigger now) for each and every one of the US military families. For all the SACRIFICES they make to keep all of us at home safe. PRIDE from all of the loved ones waiting for their significant others/sons/daughters/brothers/sisters etc, Oh my goodness you could feel it in the air. The ANTICIPATION of their arrival was almost too much to handle, you could see toes tapping a few people pacing. Then you would see tears almost start to fall, then not even skipping a beat Mom would say “dont you cry your face will get all puffy and Daddy wants to see your happy face” and then an almost instant change in posture and the realization that you had to be a big kid. The LOVE with every first embrace and kiss was something you dream about happening to you. It was like that amazing first kiss you see in the movies but REAL emotions. The HAPPINESS and sweet joy that comes when you can finally breathe again knowing that they are all home safe and you get to be together.

This was one of those events/sessions I will never forget. It was good for my soul and made me fall in love with the profession that I chose all over again. I am beyond proud of these images for so many reasons but the most important is because it documented such a happy time in their lives.