You are officially booked!

please check the email I sent you for address, parking instructions and where to meet me!

what to wear???

I get lots of questions on the topic of “what to wear”? Here is a few tips to help you and even a link to my pinterest board…

1. no graphics or brand names on any clothing. 

2. Try to keep it in your style 

3. Keep it simple and try for neutral colors. Most of my photos and lots in the galleries are so good becuase my clients are the main focus and not their clothes. 

4. HAVE FUN , and if you need any help feel free to message me pictures and I can totally tell you if things will work!

Click here for a few visual inspirations!


first and foremost make sure they are well fed… try and go healthy to avoid a sugar crash during your session

second, I get asked all the time about BRIBERY.. “if you smile at Britney we can get ice cream”… You know your kid better than anyone but this rarely gets those fun care free smiles we all want…

What I suggest is to keep it light tell them we are gonna take some family picture and that its gonna be fun(try and keep all talk about the session positive, (yup Im talking to those DADs that roll their eyes just at the mention of a camera and sweaters) We all know family pictures can be stressful BUT I will try my best to make it lighthearted and fun. So lets make a plan to go with the flow and have some good old fashioned fun!


  • fill them up with healthy foods(bring snacks for the car if needed)
  • try to keep it positive when talking about the session NO BRIBERY
  • Have FUN!!!(this one is mandatory)

Cant wait to see you all!!! xx.. Britney