Snider Family

A little background… I have known Ryan since we were kids(literally like 11-12) and as life sometimes goes, we had not seen each other in years. UNTIL, his amazingly talented wife(Alena) started doing my nails this year! I am so happy that I was able to photograph them and to have brought out all of their personalities in these photos. When I first talked to Alena about doing photos I asked her, “What do you want the photos to look or feel like?”. Her response kinda shocked me.. “I just want something NORMAL”… I said, “OK, I can do that”.. and then when we were out in the “Normal” setting she then requested the shot of them all kinda being silly and crazy and said, “this is how our family pictures should be”, and I couldn’t agree anymore! Hope you enjoy, XXOO Britney 
Thanks again Snider Family it was soooo much fun 🙂